What's been going on? A lot! Here's an update.

We hope you're having an amazing summer. We've been keeping really busy and thought it was time we gave you an update!

The pilot episode: We've been working away at the pilot episode and it's all coming together. The three of us (Nisha, Barnabe and Greg), have been in editing mode and we're happy to say we're almost there! Once we have it picture locked, we're going to get feedback from some key people, then do one more pass through the episode before doing colour and sound mixing. Then we'll share it with you and the rest of planet earth!

Pitching: A lot of our time has also gone into pitching. We put together our package with the sizzle reel and sent it to production companies in Canada and the U.S. we felt would be a good fit. We had to rethink the concept and tweak it depending on who we were pitching to. We're now in talks with a couple companies, and though it's still too early to announce anything, there have been some encouraging developments!

Our one-pager: As part of pitching, we put together what's referred to as a "one-pager" (though it's way longer than that), which breaks down many aspects of the show for producers and broadcasters. We included a detailed summary of each episode in a potential first season. We did a lot of research to craft amazing stories featuring groundbreaking social entrepreneurs and innovators around the world. The season would have us look at women's rights and human trafficking in India, the Syrian refugee crisis in Turkey (including a startup using drones to deliver humanitarian supplies in Syria), bottom-up development in Rwanda, conflict resolution in Lebanon, inequality in Brazil, and much more.

Rewards and event for our Kickstarter backers: We are going to plan the event as soon as we finish the pilot and all the remaining rewards will be sent out as well.

Other news: Barnabe was selected as an Ariane de Rothschild Fellow and will head to Cambridge University for two weeks in July along with social entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world to delve into the intersection of entrepreneurship, conflict resolution and cultural dialogue. Already, we've met a startup through the fellowship we want to feature in the Turkey/Syria episode, and it will be a great opportunity to further evolve UPLIFT's concept and business model. Also, Greg and Barnabe worked closely with the team at the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) to produce this pretty awesome short doc about CSI's work catalyzing social innovation in Toronto and around the world.

So all in all, we haven't stopped. More to come soon... We're very excited!

With our love and gratitude,