The sizzle reel is out!

It's been a little while!

We've had our heads down working on the pilot episode, but we took a break to get this sizzle reel ready so we can start pitching to producers.

When we finished shooting in Myanmar at the beginning of the year, we were ready to go to the next country and film another episode. When you discover a country through the eyes of its social entrepreneurs and innovators, you get to not only understand a society's challenges but to glimpse at its highest potential.

Which is a pretty nice change. Negative sensationalism in news seems to be getting worse at a time when we actually have the means to solve many of the problems we face. But finding solutions will require a default to optimism, empathy and a focus on creativity, collaboration and experimentation.

We know that generally millennials care about issues, want to be entertained even when it comes to news, and we want to talk about what actions can be taken to solve problems rather than to just be told how messed up everything is.

That's what UPLIFT's about. Getting real with people around the world, and getting to know those determined to leave the planet better off than how they found it.

So check it out, and spread the word.