UPLIFT partners with The ShootingStar Film Co. for groundbreaking TV series

We’re thrilled to announce that UPLIFT has signed with The ShootingStar Film Co. to develop the series and bring it to broadcasters!

The ShootingStar Film Co. brings an amazing breadth of experience to the table, having worked across the globe from the bustling streets of New Delhi to the Bayous of Louisiana. This team has produced projects in over 50 countries worldwide creating strong, story-driven projects that cater to local and international audiences with content airing in over 130 countries with broadcast partners such as Scripps Travel Channel International, National Geographic Channels, CNN, Sundance, BBC, Arte, Canal +, NBCUniversal / Esquire Network, and Netflix.

We've been working together to evolve the concept and turn UPLIFT into a groundbreaking television series, which takes viewers to the frontlines of social and environmental challenges to meet the entrepreneurs and innovators working on solutions. From the migrant crisis to the war on drugs to human trafficking to inequality, UPLIFT will bring the issues to life as we embark on intimate journeys and spend time with those affected and those tackling these issues head on.

We believe that through immersive, intimate storytelling we can show viewers the realities too often ignored or glossed over by the mainstream media. We’ll get to understand the challenges people face by experiencing a part of their life alongside them, hearing their stories in their own words, and getting our hands dirty with the entrepreneurs, innovators, community builders, artists and activists working to make the world a better place.

This journey started with a wild idea and a Kickstarter campaign. We shot and produced the pilot episode in Myanmar along with filmmaker Greg Francis. The pilot was very well received, and a recent screening attracted a packed house. We’re now working on taking UPLIFT to the next level with the incredible team at The ShootingStar Film Co.

UPLIFT is about the amazing things that happen after the news cameras leave. We hope that in 2016 we’ll get our cameras rolling and start bringing these stories to your screens as never before. Stay tuned!


Nisha and Barnabe

More About UPLIFT:

The news tends to focus on conflict and controversy, bombarding people with all that’s going wrong in the world and rarely covering what’s being done about it. Social entrepreneurs, couple and hosts Barnabe and Nisha spent years living in conflict zones, going beyond the headlines. They want to share a fresh perspective: Yes, the world is messed up… so what are people doing about it? Learn more about the series.