Campaign recap and a look ahead!

We want to thank you for making our one-month Kickstarter campaign one of the most exhilarating and moving experiences of our lives!

We had the pleasure of being featured on UPWORTHY

And of being interviewed on a national U.S. television show.

We even got some love over in Japan!

More importantly the outpouring of support confirmed that people are tired of bad news, and want to hear from the entrepreneurs and innovators working on solutions.



In a couple weeks we’ll receive the funding from Kickstarter minus their fees.

The Kickstarter funding, after fees and the cost of delivering rewards, will all go towards producing the pilot.


The 2$ and 10$ rewards will be sent in December. The other rewards will start being shipped out in March. The Changemaker Mixer event and the dinner parties will take place sometime in the spring but you'll receive an invite to RSVP in March-April.

We'll shoot the pilot in February. We hope to have the pilot completed a month after we return, though post-production may take a bit longer to finish. Our backers will be kept in the loop and will be the first to receive the pilot!


Our goal is to make UPLIFT into a TV show. We’re reaching out to producers throughout the making of the pilot, and pitching in all earnestness as soon as we have the sizzle reel ready.


We're hard at work planning the production. We’ll be keeping our backers updated every step of the way. We may even sometimes reach out to get your input. For example, we currently have this short survey we shared on our Facebook page.

We'll post frequently to our social media. You can find us on Facebook + Twitter + You Tube + our blog on our website.

That’s all for now folks, but of course it’s really just begun.

We’re thrilled to have you with us on this journey. At the end of the day, it’s about making a TV series that inspires empathy and innovation, and that features amazing changemakers around the world.

See you soon!