Can TV inspire and instigate positive change?

The world is more tolerant and less violent than at any other point in human history, but you wouldn’t know it from watching most mainstream media.

Despite incredible advancements and a world of unprecedented innovation and interconnectedness, the news still focuses on the problems we face and rarely on the progress we’re making. People, with all their depth and complexity, are reduced to snapshots and soundbites. We rarely see their common humanity or hear of their resilience or achievements. This approach does little to help us understand their personal experiences with a problem or to relate to them in any way, which restricts our ability to empathize and creates an Us vs. Them dichotomy.

We want to change that. So we created UPLIFT, a travel series in which we visit different countries to meet people affected by social and environmental challenges and the entrepreneurs and innovators working on solutions. Through our work and travels in conflict zones we’ve seen people step up to enormous challenges with ingenuity and tenacity. We want to share their stories.

We reached our funding target on Kickstarter in less than two weeks! We’re now aiming for our Kickstarter stretch goal, which will allow us to shoot the demo we’ll use to pitch to producers and a full pilot episode we can distribute for free online, to community groups and schools.

We’re currently working on the logistics for the pilot. There are changemakers we want to profile around the world but we’ve narrowed it down for the first episode to innovators in India, Bangladesh, Myanmar or Lebanon.

For example, much of Bangladesh gets flooded during monsoon season, disrupting lives and devastating communities. So an architect named Mohammed Rezwan created a fleet of solar-powered floating schools, libraries, farms, training centers and health clinics; turning floods into pathways to education, information and technology.

In Lebanon, a country that experienced years of civil war, Kamal Mouzawak uses the organic, sustainable food movement to support local farmers, encourage health and wellness, and break down barriers between different sectarian groups.

With your help, we’ll be in production in January-February. Back us on our Kickstarter campaign and find out more about the series, our team and the stories we want to cover!